Wednesday, February 23, 2005

New Sit-n-Go Strategy

My first attempt at a different strategy in the 20+2 Sit-n-Gos. Play normal tight poker the first few rounds trying to keep the pots small unless you know for sure you have the best hand. When it gets down to 4 players or 5 with one player hanging on by a thread, get very aggressive. Usually by this time, I have 6-10 times the big blind so I feel all in bets are appropriate preflop and start stealing the blinds. Hopefully everyone else has tightened up trying to make the money and I can build a lead that will take me to first place.

Last night I played only one tournament. I won a few pots early only showing down good cards so my image was tight aggressive. There were 4 left. I had 1443 left and the blinds were 150-300. The remaining stacks were 1516, 1780, 3261. The blinds were on the other smaller stacks and I am on the button. Let's see how my new strategy works. I am dealt Jack-5 offsuit. UTG folds and I move all in with 1443 in chips. The small blind folds, and the big blind with 1516 goes into the tank for a few seconds. He calls and turns over Queens. Oops! The flop gives me a Jack and the river gives me a 5 and I suck out! Sweet Fancy Moses! He busts out the next hand and before we know it, I am heads up with 2836 in chips versus 5164. My opponent plays timid for a few hands as I bluff a few blinds out of him. I am behind 3436 to 4564 before the key hand takes place.

I was dealt 7-10 of hearts on the button and in the small blind. The blinds were 200-400. I call the small blind and my opponent checks. The flop is Ac 6h 2d. It doesn't hit me but it has a heart. He checks and I check. The turn is 4h. He checks and I check. The river is the 8 of hearts so I have a flush 10 high. This time he bets the minimum of 400. At first I think he is just trying to pick up an orphan pot because the board looks a little scary with the flush out there. I don't think he has much so I don't want to raise him out of the pot. I make it 1200. He comes back and raises me 1600. Now I think he probably has a flush. Is it higher than mine? Hmmmmm. If I call I only have a few hundred left. I decide to reraise all in and he calls with 2 pair 8's and 2's. He probably didn't notice that the 8 on the river was a heart.

He went out on the next hand when I am dealt Ace-5 offsuit and go all in and he calls with King-2. No help for either of us and I win.

Moral of the story: It's better to be lucky than good.


Anonymous said...

Agreed. Your aggression needs to be tempered in order to win. remember that the final four at the table got there either by being conservative, or byw innign a huge pot early on and sitting on it. In a $20 SNG, I'd vote for conservative, all the retards play 5+1s.

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