Friday, May 13, 2005

Pre Vegas Post

Bill pulled off a great act of frugality by surfing the internet yesterday and finding us a $200 a night room at the new Wynn Casino in Las Vegas. We immediately canceled our $80 a night reservations at the Nugget for the 5 star accomodations. After much thought we decided not to play golf at the Wynn for $500. Unless they start calling it the Pebble Beach of Las Vegas, I'll think we'll have to wait for a comp.

We get in around 4:00 PM tonight. I will probably immediately head to the poker room to put my name down on a list that is probably 2 hours long and then attack the black jack tables with a vengance. I am quite aware that BJ is -EV but it's the price I pay to hang out with Costanza and Bill who are not big poker fans.

I am also hoping to catch a little of the heads up match between Daniel Negraneau (sp?) and Barry Greenstein. I think they are playing a freezeout for $250,000 at 7:00 PM.

On Saturday I will wander over to the Rio and see if I can get myself into a satellite for the WSOP.

Wish me luck.


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