Tuesday, June 14, 2005

Still winless in the $55 Sit N Go's

I have played 10 $55 sit-n-gos at Party Poker so far. I am up $150. Last night I played in one where everyone at the table was left and the blinds were 50-100. I haven't seen that much tightness in a long time.

I started stealing blinds and pushing people around and eventually it got down to 4. Then in a great lucky break, 3 of the players got involved in a hand where two of them were all in. The bigger stack won the pot and suddenly there were only 2 of us.

I thought I played pretty well heads up. I mixed up my raise amounts and made the appropriate folds. On the last hand, my opponent was leading 5500 to 4500. I was dealt Ace Jack in the big blind. My opponent doubled the blind and I pushed all in. For some reason he decides to call me with 8-10 suited. He hit his 8 and I was out in second place.

That's twice now where I had a good chance to win and got all my money in with the best hand and lost. That's poker I guess.

As for the difficulty of the 55's, I really haven't seen much difference at all the levels. This level seems tighter, but it is easier to steal blinds. I have especially noticed that when it gets short handed, the players really let me abuse them. We'll see if that changes as I get more tournaments under my belt.

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