Wednesday, September 21, 2005

WBPT Tournament sucks

I tried to play in the WBPT tournament at Titan Poker last night. What a bore fest!

I was under a little time pressure trying to get my withdrawal from Party Poker to clear so I could move some money over to Titan. The money hit my Neteller account with about 15 minutes to go until tournament time. In the mean time, I was still finishing up 2 $55 sit n go's where I ended up taking first place in both of them.

This also happened to be the time that Carlo came over to look at taking one of our refrigerators, so the 4 dogs went crazy, barking and running around the house. I am amazed I got everything set up.

The tournament started at 6:00 and I had to put it on auto post and fold because Carlo was still there and Michele had just came home. After I got rid of Carlo, I sat down. I did not recognize anyone at my table. I searched the other tables and found Iggy and Pauly and opened up their tables just to see if there was any good chat. This is where we had the big problem.

The chat software at Titan was almost unusable. Everytime you start to type, you are interrupted by action at the table. This interruption bounces the cursor back to the beginning of the box. The only time you could type in peace is when it was your turn. Of course then you have to deal with the alarm clock buzzing sound telling you it's time to bet. After you type your witty remarks, the bubble comes up on the screen and blocks your avatar and chip count so you have no idea how many chips you have.

Titan has a dollar for dollar bonus and it didn't look too hard to reach at first glance, but I may not have the patience for their software. It had a lot of Noble Poker's features which makes me think that they are skin for them.

Back to the tournament. I was a little bored with it, because there was no chat and I had just made $450 from the party sits. I only got to play for 15 minutes, before dinner was ready and I was on auto post again. I quickly scarfed down a couple of pieces of pizza with Michele and then went back to the computer. I was still stuck around my original 1500 in chips.

Honestly after the break I lost all interest in the tournament. I was waiting for a decent hand and pushing all in to double up. Eventually I lost a race and I was out.

As for my other poker....the wins in the Party sits pushed my bankroll over $5500 now. That's starting to turn into real money.

My next trip to Vegas is being planned in December. It will be for my wedding, so I don't know how much time I will have to play poker. I am coming in on a Thursday for my bachelor party, so maybe I'll get in a few hands before Michele comes in on Friday.


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