Sunday, February 05, 2006

Another Small Cash In Tournament

Results since last post:
Ring games: +487
Tourneys: +354

I played in a $11 buy in multi table at Full Tilt this morning. Out of 280 players I finished 10th. I made a handful of mistakes during the tournament, but none of them were fatal. My total profit was only $25.

Basically the key to going far in these tournaments seems to be to double or triple up early. Then win the races when small stacks go all in against you. Then if you still have 10-15 x the big blind within 10 of the money, just steal the blinds every time it's folded to you.

I had players seriously irritated with me at the table for stealing so much. They almost never played back at me. When they finally did, I either had enough sense to lay it down, or they were so short stacked that it would not make a dent, if I lost.

In a further answer to the previous post about moving up......I think from now on, I am going to keep playing in the 8-16 levels at the brick and mortar casinos. I had another session, this time at Casino Arizona. Again the players were not that good. I lost $100, but most of it was due to a brief 5 minute period of tilt. I really get the urge for fancy play syndrome at the higher levels, thinking that I need to play "better" against the so called stronger players. This seems to get me in a lot of trouble. Especially when I try to get creative defending my blinds.

For the most part, everyone chops if it is folded to the big blind. It's not my first choice, but why irritate the other players. I will raise with damn near any 2 if it's folded to me on the button. If I defend in the small blind, I will usually raise to try and isolate the button. If I am in the Big Blind, then I will usually just call. From there I think I need to only move forward if I flop top or second pair, or if I have a decent draw, or a strong Ace. I have pissed away too much money trying to bluff with absolutely nothing.

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