Sunday, June 17, 2007

Things You'll Never Hear Us Say

Chris forwarded an article by Rick Reilly from Sports Illustrated talking about things you will never hear famous athletes say. I responded back with things our friends will never say. Here were some of the better ones.

Jon: Yes that's right Mr. lawyer, if something should happen to Meredith and me, I want Kate to raise our kids. She's doing such a great job with her own.

Chris: Fore! or "Don't hit the ball yet, you might hit into them"

Rob: "Dawn and I are looking at adopting a child from Africa like Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt"

Rob: "Don't call me on my cell phone, I'm busy calling expired listings"

Bill: "I don't give a s*** what Alicia says, she's not the boss of me!"

Bill: "I'm having such a good time on this vacation, let's stay another day"

Larry: "I can't play golf on Sunday, my family is going to church"

Marty: "Duckhorn or Chateau Rothschild? No thanks, I'll stick with the

Curtis: "Oh yeah Larry? Well... well... well I bet you I can beat you
at quarters."

Rob: "No thanks I'm out, strip clubs are for fags who can't get any."

Adam: "I miss my mother-in-law."

Chris: "I miss Yuma. I should have gone to Kofa, married a class of 88
coed and worked at the Record Shop in the Southgate Mall."

Jon: "I wish I would have went to ASU, U of A really sucked. Jacking
off is so much better than the real thing."

Bill "I wish I was a minority."

Larry: "Yeah, when I was in high school I was such a stud, I banged more
poon than Charlie Sheen. And then I went to the U of A and, well lets just
say I took my A game to another level."

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