Sunday, September 09, 2007

Wednesday Night Hi Jinks

I started out well picking up pocket Jacks two times and winning some small pots. I folded the best hand with JJ once against Devin when the card that completed a flush and straight draws hit on the river. The pot was 1200 and I folded for another 200. I just didn’t see what I could beat except a bluff. Since Devin doesn’t bluff much or when he does, he makes it a big bluff so he can bust and go home, I folded.

The later part of the game began to get really crazy. Craig was back and was pulling off some really risky bluffs.

In another hand with Craig, Scott, and Greg. Craig bet, Scott raised all in, and Greg called all in. Now unless you have a really strong hand, this is an easy fold if you are Craig. However Craig announced, “I think they both are full of shit.” Craig eventually folded a high pair. Scott turned over a straight draw and Greg turned over a flush draw. Unbelievable!

Craig was crippled when he tried to go all in on the last hand before the rebuy period was over. He lost the hand but still had 325 left. It was all in the next hand. I picked up pocket 6’s and was ready to protect my hand. Instead Greg raised to 600 on my right. I chastised him by asking him if he was sure he was ahead of Greg. He said, “I think I am ahead.” I said, “You better know if you’re going to raise me out of this pot.”

I folded my 6’s. Then Mike went all in and then Greg called all in. Now I am happy to have folded. Mike turned up AK and Greg had pocket Queens. Mike hit a King on the turn and raked a big pot.

Later with the blinds at 100-200 and 5 handed I picked up pocket 5’s in the cut off. Scott was the big blind and Greg limped in. I raised to 600 and everyone folded back to Scott. He called and Greg called. The flop was K-2-3 rainbow. They both checked to me and I bet 500. Kind of a small bet but enough to find out where I was at. They both called.

The turn was another King. They both checked again. Figuring I could easily represent a King, I bet 1000 this time. Apparently they weren’t thinking about me having a King because they both called again.

The river was a 9 and they checked to me. By now I figure that I must be beat. Someone is trying to slow play a King or has a larger pocket pair than me. Greg turns over A-3 for Kings and 3’s. Scott turns over 9-3 for Kings and 9’s. I muck in disgust. They usually have enough respect for me to fold a crappy pair like that. Especially when the blinds are this high. Instead I get rivered by the guy holding a pair of 3’s with 9 kicker who lucks into pairing his kicker on the river.

The blinds went up to 200-400 and now I was in the 9-10 BB level. I picked up Ace King in the cutoff. I thought about pushing all in, but I wanted to make some money on this hand. I raised to 1200. Mike folded and Greg folded. Devin called which I was happy about, because he probably had crappy cards.

The flop was Q-3-4. I had decided when he called that I was going to push all in no matter what the flop was. I pushed in my last 2000. Devin announced, “This is the worst call ever” and turned over 2-5. He had an open ended straight draw. He pretty much had the odds to call on the flop, but the preflop call was atrocious. I fade the turn, but the river brings a 6 and he makes his straight.

I am almost finished with the latest book on poker tells I have been reading. I picked up a few last night:

I saw Craig do a tongue thrust when he bluffed a pot. I saw Devin pacifying himself many times with hands on his face when he was weak. I saw Greg do the same thing a couple of times as well.

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