Wednesday, January 14, 2009

My First Win in a 180 player SNG

I won a 180 person $12 Turbo Sit N Go on Poker Stars last night for the first time ever. As I explained in my previous post, I really think Arnold Snyders Poker Tournament Formula book has hit the nail right on the head when it comes to tournaments like these with short chips and fast blind levels. I have posted the hands that I played below.

1. Jc7s in cutoff. First hand of tournament with $1,500 in chips and 5 minute blind levels. I open raise to 60 and SB calls. Flop is 4s-5h-7c. SB leads out for 140. I am surprised by this. Maybe I should raise, but I just call to see what happens on the turn. Turn is 8s. SB bets 500. I put him on an over pair like 9s or 10s so I fold. He wins pot and shows AQ for a 2 barrel bluff.

2. 25-50 blinds I start with 1,240 in chips. I have 6d 6s in the hi-jack. One limper and I raise to $200. Everyone folds and the limper calls. Flop is Ts 3s 8s. Opponent shoves all in for 1145. I fold and he shows 4s 4h. Two hands played and bluffed out twice.

3. 50-100 blinds and I have 1,040 in chips. Qc Tc in early position. I open shove and win the blinds.

4. 75-150 blinds and I have 1,040 in chips. Qh 5s in UTG plus 1. The blinds are coming and I am short so I open shove. I get called in two places. This may be a short tournament. I am up against Ad 9c and Jh 8h. What was J8 thinking? Board runs out Ts Qd 3d Tc 7s and just like that I am up to 3,120 in chips.

5. Blinds are 100-200 and I have 2,970 in chips. Snyders book says I am desperate and need to shove any two. I have As 7c UTG so thats what I do. Everyone folds.

6. Blinds are 150-300 with 25 ante. I have 2720 in chips and have Ah Td UTG plus 1. I open shove all in and win the blinds and antes.

7. Blinds are 150-300 with 25 ante. I am in the SB with 3020 in chips and 2d 2c. The cutoff raises all in to 1830 and I call. He shows Qh 5s. The board is Ks Tc Kd 6s Qs. I get rivered on my coin flip and am down to 1,165 in chips.

8. Blinds are 200-400 with 50 ante. I am UTG with 770 in chips and I push with 4d 2s. A player behind raises all in to isolate. He shows Qc As. Hey I am live! Board is 8d 5d 4c 5c 9c and I suck out.

9. Very next hand in the BB I pick up Ac Qd and I have 2440 in chips before the blinds and ante. UTG raises all in for 4,145 and I call. He shows Ad 8h. The board is 5h Kh Js 2h 7s and my AQ holds up. I went from less than 2 BB to 5,380 chips in two hands.

10. Blinds 300-600 with 50 ante. I have 5,130 in chips. I am dealt 7h 7c on the button. The cutoff raises to 1800 and push all in. The raiser calls and shows Ac 7s. I dodge his Ace outs and double up again. Now I am up to 11,410.

11. Blinds 300-600 with 50 ante. I am in the big blind with 4s 3h. Its folded to the SB who limps in and has 4437 left in chips. I raise to 1800 and he folds.

12. Blinds are 400-800 with 75 ante. I have 11,610 in chips. I am in the cutoff with Ad 2s. UTG +1 with 7,480 in chips limps for 800. Its folded to me and I raise to 3,200. The limper calls. I think the correct play is to push all in here, but the limp seems suspicious to me. I was planning on folding if he raised all in even though I would be getting good odds to call. The board is Qc Kd 5h. My opponent moves all in for his last 4,205 and I fold.

13. Blinds are still 400-800 with 75 ante. I have 8,035 in chips. I have Ac 7h UTG and open shove. A player with 4,612 in chips calls all in and turns over 9s Th. Huh? The board is 5h Qd 3h As 3s and my hand is good.

14. Blinds 400-800 with 75 ante. I have $14,447 in chips and Ah7h in the small blind. I open raise all in and the BB calls all in for 6,860 with 9s Qd. The board is 8c 2s 4d 7s Kc. The best hand holds up again and now I have 22,632 in chips.

15. Blinds 500-1000 with 100 ante. I am big stack at the table. I raise with 2s 5s to steal the blinds. It works and I pick up 3,200 in chips.

16. Two hands later I pick up pocket 8s. I open raise and win the blinds again.

17. Blinds 600-1200 and 125 ante. I have 25,332 in chips and KsQs in the small blind. Its folded to me and I raise enough to cover the BB. He folds and I pick up 3,275 in chips.

18. Blinds 600-1200 and 125 ante. I have Ad Th and raise at UTG+1 to 3,600. I win the blinds again.

19. Blinds 800-1600 and 125 ante. I get a walk in the BB.

20. Blinds 800-1600 and 125 ante. I have 31,032 in chips and pick up pocket 9s in the small blind. A short stack with 2713 in chips moves all in. I call hoping the BB will play nice and just call so we can eliminate a player. He does. The board runs out 8h 7h 8s 5s 8c as we check it down. The short stack wins the pot with Qc Js and stays alive.

21. The next hand I have 7d6h on the button. Its folded to me and I raise to 6000 and win the blinds.

22. Still 800-1600 with 125 ante. I pick up 8c 8h in middle position. I open raise to 4,800. A player behind me moves all in for 6,479 and I make the call. He shows Ts Td. I do not suck out for once and lose a decent sized pot.

23. The blinds are 1500-3000 with 300 ante. I have folded for a round of blinds so my image may be a little tighter now. I have Ad 7h. The table is 6 handed and I am UTG +1. I have 20,140 in chips and I open shove all in. A player with only 7,911 in chips makes the call. He shows As Ts. The board is 3c 3h 8h 6h Qh. I catch the runner-runner flush to suck out. Yea me! I am up to 34,051 in chips and tied for the chip lead at my table.

24. I get a walk in the BB and collect 4,500 in chips. Nice!

25. Blinds are still 1500-3000 with 300 ante. I have As 7h in the small blind. The table is now 5 handed. The button open shoves for 8,780 and I call. He shows Ah 9d and I am dominated again. The board is Tc 7c Ad 9h 6h. After a brief smile when I flopped two pair, it turns to a frown when he hits a better two pair on the turn. I am down to 27,371 in chips.

26. I push all in with As8s and win the blinds and antes for a 9,000 pot.

27. I have 32,771 in chips with 2000-4000 antes and 400 ante. I push all in for the second consecutive hand with KcQd. Nobody calls and I win $12,000. We have been at the final table bubble since it got down to 5 handed.

28. 2000-4000 with 400 ante. I have 35,971 in chips and Kc 9c in the small blind. Its folded to me and I raise all in. The BB with 11,568 left in chips calls with Ah 6c. The board is 8s 3h 5d 7s 6h. I suck out and hit a straight on the river to get us to the final table.

29. Here is the final table seating chart:

a. Seat 1 Tilt u_15 (36660 in chips)

b. Seat 2 larryvq (53139 in chips)

c. Seat 3 stupidnub (13974 in chips)

d. Seat 4 tkavv (13736 in chips)

e. Seat 5 Toughloose (22260 in chips)

f. Seat 6 Ni_Liv (42753 in chips)

g. Seat 7 Timesmog (38520 in chips)

h. Seat 8 demo0013 (23,962 in chips)

i. Seat 9 rutasasha (24996 in chips)

30. There are a couple of short stacks that I would not mind seeing go bust before I get too active. On the other hand, even though I am the chip leader, I only have 13x the Big Blind so I cant wait too long.

31. I fold a few hands including KdQd on the BB to an all in shove from Timesmog for 39k.

32. I have been blinded down to 40,139 in chips when I finally pick up a good hand. I have Kd Ks UTG. I limp for the first time in the tournament hoping to reraise. I figure that half of the table has not seen me play so it may work. Nobody bites and the BB checks. The flop is 5c Jd 4d and the BB shoves all in for 18,160. I call and he shows 8s 7h. The board runs out 5c Jd 4d 5h 4c and my hand holds up.

33. Other players bust quickly and we are down to 5 players. I have 65,199 in chips and blinds are 3000-6000 with 600 ante. I open raise Kd Qc and win the blinds for a 18,000 pot.

34. Still 5 players and I have Kh 8d on the button. The short stack pushes all in for 10,656. I call hoping for others to join in. The BB comes along as well. The board runs out 4d 7c Td 2h 3c. The short stack survives with his Qh Th and now he is up to 37,968.

35. I open shove As 3h and win the blinds and antes

36. Down to 4 players and I have 60,543 in chips. Blinds are up to 3,500-7000 with 700 ante. I get a walk in the BB.

37. Next hand I push all in with Qs Jh in the SB and win the blinds and antes.

38. 3500-7000 with 700 ante. I have 74,543 in chips. I am in second place, but the 4th place player only has 17,368 in chips and hes on the BB. I have Ah 2d and I raise to 21,000 figuring I will try and take out the shorty. Instead the big stack stupidnub with 110389 reraises all in. The BB folds and I have to fold. I think the better play would have been to limp and wait for the BB to push all in.

39. The shorty busts a couple of hands later and we are three handed.

a. Larryvq (45143 in chips)

b. Stupidnub (143289 in chips)

c. Timesmog (81568 in chips)

40. On the button with 3500-7000 blinds and 700 ante I have Ah3s. I push all in. Timesmog calls and shows As 3c. We chop up the BB.

41. Still 3 handed on the button again. I push all in with Js 8d for 47,243. Stupidnub reraises all in and I figure I am screwed now. He turns over Ks Jc. The board is 2s 9s Qh 8c 8h. SHIP IT!!!

42. Here are the chip counts:

a. Larryvq (103586 in chips)

b. Stupidnub (82746 in chips)

c. Timesmog (83668 in chips)

d. Blinds are 3500-7000 with 700 ante.

43. Qs Jh on the button. I move all in and win the 19,600 in blinds and antes

44. I have the BB and 103,586 in chips. I am the chip leader by a small amount. Stupidnub folds and Timesmog shoves all in from the SB for 70,368. I have Kh Jh and figure thats ahead of his range of nearly any two cards so I call. He shows Ts 6c. The board runs out Qc Kd 7s 4s 6s. Boo yah! We are heads up and I have the chip lead.

45. The heads up battle lasted for 19 hands. I had him all in for his life with my AQs versus his Th Kd but he flopped a King. So then he had me by about 2-1 in chips. I kept the pots small and kept winning with small bets on the flop. I eventually made it all the way back to the chip lead with 174708 in chips to his 95292. The blinds were 5000-10000 with 1000 ante. I decided to start raising every button all in. The first hand I decided to do this with is Js 9s. He calls with Ac 8d. The board is 8s 3d 6s. Crap! The turn is a Jack. Yes! The river is ………………………………Queen and I win the tournament!!!!!! $594 for first place.

      So I count 6 suck outs on my way to the title including a couple for my tournament life. I dont think any of them were worse than 2-1 dogs before the flop so thats not bad. I was also sucked out on a few times as well. The key was that once I got healthy I was aggressive and kept building up my chips so that when I did lose a hand or two, I was not eliminated and still had enough chips to keep players afraid of me.

      The final stats were 158 hands. I had a VPIP of 31% and a PFR of 22%. My aggression factor was 2.44.

      I think I could kiss Arnold Snyder right about now. That was easily the best $15 I have ever spent on a poker book.


guest said...



"7. Blinds are 150-300 with 25 ante. I am in the SB with 3020 in chips and 2d 2c. The cutoff raises all in to 1830 and I call. He shows Qh 5s. The board is Ks Tc Kd 6s Qs. I get rivered on my coin flip and am down to 1,165 in chips."

This should have been an auto-fold. You never call when the best you can do is be in a coin flip unless you are so short-stacked and there's enough extra, dead money in the pot to justify the risk of the overpair.

Poker Bully said...

The attitude I was trying to take in that hand is that 10 BB is drastically short in a turbo SNG. At best I have 5 minutes until the blinds go up to 200-400 with a 50 ante.

This is Snyder's philosophy in that anytime you are under 20 BB you do not have a playable stack and you should be trying (almost desperately)to acquire chips.