Friday, March 12, 2010

Why Can't I Figure Out PLO?

My numbers are horrible. Every time I play PLO I end up losing 3-4 buy ins. Luckily I seem to be playing well at No Limit Hold'em and the Double or Nothing Sit and Gos.

I have experimented in my last two sessions with playing a much more passive game. I gave up reraising preflop and I try to only raise when first in and on the button or cut-off. This seems to be working better. I am losing less which I guess is an improvement but it's still not heading in the right direction.

I know a big leak in my game is calling off too much on the river. I think the key is to realize that I may fold an occasional winner, but I will make up for it with the times that I can bluff others on the river when a scare card comes.

The other leak is that I am probably bluffing too often on the flop and turn. I tend to think that I have a weak hand and the board looks innocent so why not fire at it. Then when my opponent just calls, it feels weak and I feel compelled to bet again on the turn. I really think I need to play more of an ABC type game where I bet when I have a good hand, and check much more often when I need more cards to improve.

I have decided to try and outline the PLO book by William Jockusch so I can grasp all the concepts. I definitely still have a lot to learn. It amazes me that a game like this can get so popular so fast, and be so hard to play well.

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