Tuesday, October 05, 2004

Better Luck at 3-6 and a Near Miss in Tourney

Well I have followed through and gone back to 3-6 in the live games and stuck with 2-4 online.

On Sunday I entered a 30+3 tournament at Party Poker. There were just over 1500 players and first place was $9500. The top 130 paid out and the first prize level was $47.50.

I tried to play pretty solid and not try many fancy plays. I was amazed how bad some of plays were that I saw. Guys were dropping like flies in the first few rounds which in my mind should never happen. Anyways I stayed around the chip average for the first two breaks. My table was pretty easy to read and luckily no one really amassed a huge stack of chips, so there were not a lot of hard decisions to make.

We got down to about 180 players left and one guy ended up with about 20k in chips while I was around 6000. The blinds were starting to get big and I felt I was going to need to double up soon to make any money. The big stack finally woke up and started doubling the blind every time he entered a pot (which was a lot) to try and bully the rest of us. I won a couple of all ins when everyone folded to pick up a couple of small pots.

Finally were are down to 134 players and we are playing one hand at a time. I am on the button with about 3500 in chips left. Now the question is, am I happy just finishing in the money? It would be the first time I have ever done it which is cool to say. However we are only talking about netting $13. That does not excite me very much. I decide I want to make more money so I am not going to go super conservative and try to wait out the small stacks. I am dealt K-10 on the button. The blinds have stacks that are similar in size to mine. I am already figuring that an all in bet will get them to fold since we are close to the money. The big stack is the only better with his double the blind bet. I figure he could have just about anything. He might even fold since my stack could still cause him a little damage.

I push in, the blinds fold. I love it when a plan comes together. Oh wait, big stack is thinking about it..........he calls. Shit! He turns over K-8 suited. Yes! I'm a big favorite. Here's the flop.....oh no there's an 8. I get no help on the turn and river and I am out in 134th. Oh well.

Yesterday I went to Casino AZ and played 3-6. Again the players at 3-6 are so much worse than the 4-8 players it's ridiculous. They are there to gamble. Even had one guy heads up tell me he knows I only play Aces when there was an Ace and a King on the board. He obviously had the King. I bet the turn (which happened to pair my 5 kicker) and he calls. I bet the river and he calls again? I love 3-6.

The only interesting strategy hand was after I had missed my blind. I posted the $4 since I was only one off the button and was dealt 5-6 of hearts. Somebody early raised and everyone was calling. I figure what the hell, I am half way in. 14 small bets going to the flop. 7 players.

The flop is 2-3-4 with 2 clubs. It is bet and raised before it gets to me. What should I do? 17 small bets in the pot so even if I reraise everyone is still getting at least 6-1 to call on a flush draw. Since I can't protect my hand, I decide just to call and see if I can keep more people in. I think 5 players ended up seeing the turn so now it's 13 big bets in the pot. The turn was a Jack not a club. The player who raised on the flop ( and who I was hoping would lead out so I could raise) checked it through to me. So I bet and low and behold I only get 2 callers including a quiet old lady in first position. Now 16 big bets in pot to the river. The river was a 2 of clubs so now the board is paired and a flush is out there. The old lady bets. Fuck can't I get a hand to hold up! The other player gets scared out and folds. I make the crying call, publicly saying I think I am beat. The old lady turns over a Jack for Jacks and 2's. Unbelievable my straight held up and I rake in the monster. I love 3-6.


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