Wednesday, October 20, 2004

Things I Need To Stop Doing

Got beat for $140 last night at Casino AZ on the 3-6 game. I don't feel I played too bad but just got beat by lot's of straights and flushes with my top pair and good kickers. I think I have identified a couple of leaks though:

1. Flop has a pair on board. I have 2 pair matching up the other card on the board. Stop betting this unless I have position and a high pair greater than 10's. I either check it early and it gets checked around. Then I lead out, and get two callers who invariable have the 3 of a kind and are doing some weird slow play or they pair a higher card later. I may be able to get away with betting it against one or two players but 4 or 5 has to stop.

2. Tighten up preflop in early position. Too many times I feel the table is passive and I can limp in with medium suited connectors and it gets popped for a raise.

3. Don't bother trying to steal. The pot's are too small for this to be profitable. At most there are one or two big bets in there and these guys are always seeming to call me down.

4. Respect the reraise unless I have the nuts or a close second to it.

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