Thursday, April 07, 2005

Bad Omen for WSOP?

So I decide to dabble in trying to qualify for the World Series on Party Poker. I don't have a lot of time last night, so I decide to try one of the Step tables for $11. The top 2 advance to the next step.

I win the button and the very first hand I am dealt AA. Under the Gun calls 15 and it's folded to a late player who raises to 75. Instead of reraising I decide to just call for deception, plus I have position the rest of the hand and he may bluff off more chips later. The UTG player then pushes all in.

Time to change strategy. I'm thinking the initial raiser can't possibly call. After thinking for a minute he does call.

I always scoff at the stupid hypotheticals I see on 2+2 where guys try to figure out the right time to fold pocket aces preflop. This actually seemed like it might be one of those times. Since it was only $11 and I had a chance to take a huge chip lead I called. I gotta say, that if it was the first hand of the Main Event of the WSOP, I might fold. I looked up my odds on the Card Player Website and I am a 70% favorite against a pocket pair and Ace King. I am a 66% favorite against 2 other pocket pairs.

The money goes in the middle and the early player had JJ and the late player had AK. Ofcourse the flop has another Jack in it and the turn and river bring a Queen and a 10 for the straight. For the first time ever I am eliminated in the first hand.

I tried another tournament and busted out in 4th and won $7 back. Then I played in a $30+3 normal sit n go and busted out on the bubble in fourth. I called an all in late with A-10 against the other smaller stack who was just 300 smaller than me. He had raised with KQ making me a 59% favorite. My opponent and I only had about 4 times the big blind left anyway. He paired up and I didn't so I was basically left for dead.


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