Saturday, April 16, 2005

One new idea

I was reading another website here which has lots of tips for playing at Party Poker. There was a great article on blind stealing when you are the small blind and it's been folded to you.

The basic conclusion is that it is positive EV to bet all in if you have less than 13 BB left and the BB is a semi reasonable player. Your folding equity is so high because the chances of the BB running into a hand he wants to call with are less than 20%. Then there's always the chance that you suck out and double up.

There was some interesting analysis about the article on 2+2 and how it relates to tournaments. The majority opinion was not to go overboard with the move but overall it is correct.

The other post I was chuckling at, had to do with calculating standard deviation and degrees of confidence for sit-n-gos. I still don't know how these guys play so many sit'n'gos to get these stats. Especially when it gets short handed, I would just totally lose my mind. Anyways I think the best statistical measure is how much money you have won.

The all in blind strategy has helped a little bit as I have had some nice places in the $33's. I also won my first WSOP step tournament. I was nearly dead and came back with a little luck. When it got to heads up my opponent played like he had got up to take a piss and left the post my blind and fold button on. I've never seen a guy play so passive at the end. Anyways thanks to his ineptness I am on to round 2.

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