Friday, August 05, 2005


The latest news in my life is I have a herniated disc in my L4 vertabrae. I have been having some problems on and off for the last couple of months and 2 weeks ago it got so bad that I would almost shed tears of pain when getting out of bed. I think I am finally on the road to recovery with Physical Therapy but it has not been easy to play poker. Worse it may be months before I can pick up a golf club again.

During the last few days of staying home and laying around I have managed to play some online poker. The $50 sits at Party Poker have really been pissing me off. I tried to be a good player and go back and analyze my play. Basically I have figured out that I am losing most of my money at the 25-50 level. When I go back and look at the hand histories of my worst losing hands, I feel like I played 95% of them correctly. Maybe I need to look at the profitable hands and see if I could have won more money? I've even downloaded the entire summary and replayed it on the party poker replayer
I hate it when players say they are just running bad, because I always think that is the losers "theme song" but I am starting to wonder. I have something like 125 sits at the $50's now and I think I am break even. Granted it could be worse, but it sure seems like it should be a lot better.

I've also decided to try and tackle the big bonus at Noble Poker. I saw somewhere that they are now owned by Empire Poker, so that makes me feel a little more comfortable about having my money there. I still have no idea how many hands I am going to have to play to work it off, but they are nice enough to pay it off $10 at a time. In order to get more hands in, I have been playing in the 6 handed games at 2-4. This is definitely a much different strategy than a full ring game. Middle pair is often good and there is a lot more bluffing at this game. I am still trying to find the right balance. I am also going to give their SNG promotion a shot. If you win 7 in a row, you can win $1,000,000. Of course this is probably impossible, but they have some other prizes at less than 7 and something if you make the top 2 for 7. So far I am 1 for 1. 6 more to go.

For the next couple of weeks I think I will concentrate on building up my bankroll again by playing the ring games and staying away from the Party Sits. I think I just need a break from NL for a while.


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