Thursday, November 15, 2007

Golf Match #1

We played our first golf match of the now Second Annual W**/Van*** Cup. Not much to report as I totally kicked his ass. The final score was 77 to 90. I made putts from everywhere and Bill never got going.

There has been virtually no poker in the last week as we get ready to move into our new home. However, I did get to meet Tom Schneider, the reigning World Series of Poker Player of the Year. Tom was playing in the golf tournament we played in today at Phoenix Country Club and he was in the foursome behind us. He seems like a nice guy and he has a pod cast that I could try to listen to. The problem with his show is that one of his friend's mikes is turned up way too loud and he has the most raskpy, annoying voice I have ever heard on a radio show.

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