Thursday, November 15, 2007

House Closing and Another Wednesday Win

Lots going on.

We close on our new house today. There is master bedroom upstairs and one downstairs. Michele said I can have the one downstairs to make into my “Man Cave”. So I forsee my poker table, a flat screen TV, and possibly a kegerator in the future for that room.

I nearly doubled my poker bankroll in September and lost it all back in October. The main issue was the lack of a Wednesday game which made me want to go to the casino on Wednesdays or on the weekends. All of those trips were big losers.

We finally started up the Wed game again last night and once again I took first place out of 5 for a $64 profit. I feel like I played my best game ever last night. I won numerous pots with bluffs in the beginning and just hit all kinds of cards at the end to take the last two players out, including pocket Aces on the very last hand.

The golf bet with Bill will be starting up again this Sunday. This year it will be 10 rounds straight up for $300. Hopefully I will be adding my name to the locker this year as the winner.

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