Thursday, March 06, 2008

Jake is Walking, Weird Tournament

Here is a video I made of my son learning to walk.

I played in the Mookie as part of the BBT3. It was strange in that for the first 10 levels I only saw the river once and that was a small blind vs big blind where I called a flop bet and checked it down.

Other than that hand, everyone folded to me preflop or after a continuation bet on the flop. It was a slow and steady climb in chips, but it's never fast enough to keep up with the blinds unless you double up a couple of times.

I finished 20th out of 105 which was two from the money. No money but I think I got a couple of points for the leaderboard. If I had just won a couple of races with Ace-King I might have done something really good.

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BWoP said...

Okay, *sneeze*, I am still allergic to *sneeze* kids, but the video *sneeze* is cute.

Nice to see you at the tables.