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Live Blogging the "Big Game"

Tonight is the first in the BBT series where Full Tilt is giving away some World Series of Poker seats to the Tournament of Champions winners. The only way you get into the TOC is to win one of the Blogger Series of Tournaments.

I spent $25 of my last $32 on Full Tilt to satellite into the $75 Big Game. The $75 token 2 table satellite paid 6 places and 7th would receive $54. I must say it was some of the worst bubble play in a satellite that I have ever seen. I saw two different guys with 20 BB stacks go all in with flush draws on the bubble. Idiots!

Tonight I will try to live blog my tournament and see if anything interesting comes of it.

Opening table starting to my left: Dr.Pauly, weak_player, garthmeister, Maudie, LAprivileges, Schaubs, scurvydog.

I start with $5,000 in chips and the blinds are 15-30 and go up every ten minutes. 105 players to start. First place is $1,956.

JJ and I raise to 90. Everyone folds.

AhKc in BB. LAprivileges limps on cutoff and scurvy dog limps in sb. I raise to 120. Both call. Flop is A-K-J with two diamonds. I bet 360 and they both fold.

I always wonder in these tournaments if I need to be more tricky because the bloggers supposedly know poker. I guess we'll find out.

Blinds 20-40. LAprivileges raises to 140 utg, gets called by Schaubs. I fold ATo.

KcJh in BB. weak_player raises to 120, garthmeister reraises to 400. Everyone folds including me.

Blinds 25-50

AsAd on button. LAprivileges limps first in, I raise to 150 on button. Blinds fold, it's heads up. Flop is 2-2-9 with two spades. I'm pretty sure that missed LA so I only bet 250 into 325 pot. He folds. I think it's right to bet here. If he has a pair that he was trying to slow play before the flop, I may get all his chips if he is incapable of folding an over pair. Plus there was a flush draw possible. Can't let'em draw for free.

Garthmeister is early chip leader at table with 7400 in chips. Claims are made that deck is hitting him hard. I don't know, I can't think of a single hand that has been played to river yet.

Dr. Pauly drops the hammer from the big blind. First hand anyone has shown.

The scurvy dog raises first in. I call with KhQh in cutoff. Everyone else folds. Flop is Qd5c6d. scurvy bets pot of 425 and I call with top pair. Turn is another club and he bets pot again. I min raise and he calls. River is 4 of diamonds putting one card to straight out there. He checks and I check behind. He shows Ac8c and I rake in a monster.

Two hands later I pick up Aces again and raise to 150. I get called by Pauly and garthmeister. The flop is As-Jh-7c. I bet and everyone folds. Damn! I am up to 8800. I am chip leader for the entire tournament, even ahead of professional player, Scott Fischman.

Blinds up to 30-60.

AhKd and I raise to 180. Garthmesiter calls in cutoff. Flop is 3-4-5 with two diamonds. I check. Garth bets 300 and I call. Turn is 8d. I bet 500 and Garthmeister folds. Stack up to 9420.

Blinds 40-80.

5c4c and I decide to get frisky. I raise first in to 240. Maudie calls in BB. Flop 4-7-3 two spades. I cont bet and she folds.

Next hand is KJo. I raise and everyone folds.

QQ under the gun. I limp and LA privileges limps on button. Both blinds call.

Flop is Js6s9d. Schaubs leads out from the small blind for 320. I call. Turn is another Jack. Schaubs bets 720 and I min raise to 1440. He calls. River pairs the 6. He checks and I check behind to see his J-8. Stupid fucking move on my part limping with the Queens.

I call Schaubs raise in cutoff with Ad8d. Fold to his cont bet on flop.

Blinds 50-100 now and I have 7,660 in chips.

JhJs utg plus one. I raise to 300 and get called by garth and Maudie. Flop is AcTh3c. I continuation bet for 500 and get called twice. I'm done with hand. Turn is a club. I check and they check behind. River is 4th club. I decide to take a stab at it for 1000. garthmeister raises to 3000 and I fold quickly.

Down to 5,860. I've fucked up some good hands. Time to lock it down for a little while.

J9o on button. I limp behind LAprivileges. Flop misses and LA bets, I fold.

ATo late position. I raise and win the blinds.

The first break and there are 96 players remaining out of 105. Chip leader is currently Columbo with 24,980. I have 5760 which is just above the average.

Blinds are now 60-120.

KhQs early and I raise to 360. Garth calls. Flop is 2-9-7 rainbow. Turn is Qh. I bet 1500 and garth requests time and then folds. I am up to 6900. He claims to have hit the flop of 2-9-7 rainbow. So that means he will call raises with low suited connectors preflop. But they just moved him to another table so I guess I'll file that away for later.

KsQs utg plus one. I raise to 360. Everyone folds to blinds who both call. Flop is 2dAc3h. Checked to me. I check behind. Turn is 8c. They both check again and I bet 500 to try and take down orphan pot. It works and they both fold. I am up to 7,320.

Blinds 80-160.

I am moved to new table. Starting to my left: Bone_Daddy84, cmitch, RNallin, on_thg, a104l9, Roberto55, garthmeister, and wwonka69.

First hand at new table I get KsKc. I raise to 480 and get no callers. I have 7,560 and am 4th in chips at my table. I have position on wwonka69 and garth but Bone_Daddy is on my left.

I thought Garthmeister was going to double up with a set of 8's versus top pair, Jack kicker by Roberto, but Roberto hit runner, runner for a straight to take Garth down to 4500. Roberto now has 11,500.

Blinds 100-200.

Pocket 5's in BB. Early position raise by cmitch to 500. I call. Flop is 4h3cJd. I think about leading out, but chicken out. cmitch bets 700 and I fold.

6860 in chips now.

Blinds 120-240 ante 25. Garthmeister was moved from our table again. No replacement.

Shabazz Jenkins has joined us two to my right with 9100 in chips.

8hTh on button. I raise to 700 and steal blinds.

Blinds 150-300 25 ante.

KQo in middle position. I raise to 900 and win blinds and antes.

I have had this hand a ton tonight. 7,340 in chips.

Table seems pretty tight. I try raising KhJd utg to 750. I get called by on_thg. He calls 1/4 of his stack so it smells like a trap. However I flop a King and go all in hoping it's not AA or KK. He takes forever and finally calls with QQ. I win the pot and am now up to 11,335.

Remember now the table has seen me raise utg with KJo.

New player is corron10 with 4938 in chips.

AdJc in cutoff. Roberto raises to 900. I call. Flop misses and I fold to his c-bet. I thought about reraising preflop, but seems a little crazy.

pvanharibo has joined the table with 6,334 in chips.

Js9h in middle I raise trying to steal blinds. It works.

200-400 with 50 ante.

10,935 in chips.

AcQd on button. pvanharibo raises to 1150 and has 4484 behind. I raise all in. He turns over AhKh and it holds up. Down to 4,501. Some song on my Itunes called "Cry Out To Jesus" is playing while this hand goes on. Since I am athiest, I don't suck out. I delete the song, I don't know how it got my computer.

JL514 joines our table with 10,775 in chips. My chips that I lost to pvanharibo go to RNallin when she sucks out with 9To vs Ace Jack and she hits three tens after an Ace flops.

Going to second break and I am blinded down to 3,551. Next level will be 250-500 with 50 ante. It's all in or fold time.

First hand back I have 10c7c in cutoff. cmitch is on button with 12,185, then RNallin has 5,000 and corron10 has 3600. This seems like a good spot, since 2 of 3 will risk their tournament life to call. I ship and RNallin wakes up with AK and IGHN. 59TH Place.

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Good analysis, always enjoy reading it.

What do you think of Jon "FieryJustice" Little getting sacked by FullTilt for allowing other people to play on his account with 100% rakeback?