Saturday, May 10, 2008

Up and Down the Steps

I think I have found the way I am going to try and qualify for the Sorld Series Of Poker Main Event. The Poker Stars steps seem to be the way to go.

I can never find the time to play in a satellite and then another satellite. The Steps are 5 minute round turbo Sit and Go's so if you make it to the final two or 3 players it lasts no more than an hour.

I went on a bit of a run and made it to step 4. That left two more to get through for the seat. What is cool is that even if you don't win step 6, you can win a large amount of cash for some of the other top places. Unfortunately, my luck ran out and went back to step 3, then step 2 twice, and now out.

I have also noticed a lot of atrocious play, so I think I have an edge. The problem is that even with an edge, you need to get very lucky to make it all the way through.

I haven't counted for sure, but I would guess that you need to be all in at least 8-10 times in each Sit and Go. The blinds go up so fast and you need to steal the blinds to keep up. So you have to be lucky and not run into a good hand and you need your rare pocket aces or kings to hold up.

I guess I'll have to buy the activation code for my old Sit and Go Power tools and run some scenarios. One thing I figured out from Card Runners is that if there are 3 players left and the top two move on to the next round, then you need a 67% favored hand to make a call of an all in bet. There are not too many hands that meet that criteria. That also means that you should be able to push almost any two from the small blind. Then the luck comes back into play because after the third time in a row of shoving, the BB will make the fuck you call and try and get lucky. For some reason that always seems to work against me.

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#1 Stalker said...

Good luck getting to the WSOP! I can imagine you to be a Steve Dannenmann type of person/player, so maybe you'll get 2nd ;-)