Monday, May 26, 2008

Hole In One!!!!

I scored my first hole in one on Sunday. It was on the 8th hole at Phoenix Country Club. The pin was in the back of the green and it was playing 188 yards from the white tees. I hit a five iron and it started out high and a little left. It faded back towards the pin, took one bounce and went in the hole.

I saw the ball disappear, but I was not sure that it went in. It could have easily gone off the back of the green. I looked through my range finder to see if I could spot the ball, and it definitely was not on the surface of the green.

When we drove up to the green, I grabbed my wedge and putter because I did not want to jinx it. As I walked up, I kept looking over the back of the green to see if my ball was there. Finally I reached the hole and there it was.

I'm glad my first hole in one, was a well struck shot. I'd hate to hit a ball thin with a 20 yard fade and get that lucky. At least now I can say it looked good the whole way. It was also part of a great round of golf where I finished with a 75 which is 4 over par. I believe it's my best round at Phoenix Country Club. My best round ever is one over par which I did at Ventana Canyon and Whirlwind-Devil's Claw.

Since I was so lucky in golf that day, I decided the time was right to play my Step 5 Sit and Go to the World Series. Surprisingly it took a long time to fill up, but eventually we got underway.

This was the tightest sit and go I have ever seen. Through 30 hands, there were two players that had yet to play a hand and two others with a vpip of less than 10%. When I saw how tight everyone was, I made some selective blind steals with any two cards. It did not do much good since the blinds were small and I was not picking up any premium cards.

There was not much interesting about the tournament and I finished 5th after running Ace rag into Kings in a small blind vs big blind shove.

On Monday I played my step 4 and was bounced back down to step 2. Fuck! I have run so bad in poker this month. I can't afford to have a month this bad, this close to the World Series.

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