Sunday, June 01, 2008

Whatever Happened To....

Young MC?

I played poker with him at Jeff's latest poker tournament. This was not a charity event, just a bunch of gamblers looking to take each other's money.

The creator of "Bust A Move" and the writer of "Funky Cold Medina" is still in the music business and is playing a concert in Anaheim in a couple of weeks. He produces, writes, and sings his own music and he has an economics degree from USC.

Once I got to know him a little better, I knew this question would not offend him. "Do you ever look at Will Smith and say, "Fuck that could have been me!"?"

No, the way he looks at it, is that he just turned 41 and he has never had a boss.

Not surprisingly he is a much better musician than a poker player. Although I don't have any room to criticize since I busted out before he did.

My poker bankroll is really hurting right now. I got it up to $2,186 at the end of March and it has been all the way down to $950 after losing $250 in today's tournament. I honestly think my knowledge of the game has improved, but my luck has been bad. When I get unlucky, the tilt factor creeps in, and I don't play my best game.

I checked my online sessions of NL Hold'em on Poker Tracker and I had 40 sessions in May. I only won in 16 of them. My biggest win was $64. I had 24 losing sessions and my biggest loss was $121. I lost $312 in total online playing Hold'em. I lost around $100 learning Pot Limit Omaha and I lost the rest in the casino.

I was hoping to have a cushion for my trip to Las Vegas, but it looks like I am going to have to dip into the bank accounts if I play the big satellites. There's always hope that I hit it big in an online satellite, but time is running out.

When I last left you, I was back up to step 4 in the WSOP Steps. Unfortunately, I ran my pocket Kings into Ace-King suited and lost when the Ace flopped. That put me out in 9th and all the way out of the steps.

I recently picked up the book on Omaha by Jeff Hwang. It is a really good step by step book on Pot Limit Omaha. There are lots of practice hands and I think I have a good fundamental grasp of the game now. I am amazed at how bad some of the low limit players are! I think I can get away with just playing the nut draws and trips and make a lot of money in the long run. There is really no need to get tricky, when guys put there whole stack in on the flop with naked Aces and Kings.

I will now get back to the tables with a renewed resolve to play my best poker leading up to the World Series.

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