Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Plan of Attack at WSOP

World Series of Poker Preparations

I have been floating on air for over a week since I won my seat into the Main Event. I think about it at work and I dream about it at night. I can’t remember being this excited about going out of town since my first trip to Pebble Beach. The money from Full Tilt hit my bank account yesterday, so we are all set to go. Good job on Full Tilt's part by sending the money quickly and only charging $18 for the wire transfer.

Here is the current plan for my World Series Experience. Michele and I will drive to Las Vegas on the morning of July 4th. We should pull into the Rio by lunch time. After we get checked in, I will go downstairs and make sure I get registered for the Main Event. I am planning to play on Sunday July 6th which is the last of four day 1’s. If I make it through day 1, I will play again on Tuesday July 8th.

After I take care of business on Friday, I will have some fun with the wife and go out to a nice dinner and probably take in a movie. Saturday morning I am going to play a round of golf with my friend Jason, who lives in Las Vegas. After cooling off from the golf, I am sure I will hang out with the wife for a while and maybe take in the Poker Life Expo. In fact I would like to attend Gus Hansen’s book signing at 2:00 PM and have him sign my book.

When I find the time, I am also going to check out the satellite room and play in some one table tournaments. I have read in numerous places that the games are incredibly soft, plus it will keep me sharp for the tournament. I may also sneak over to the Venetian and play some 1-2 No Limit.

My big day will start Sunday at noon. My wife will drive back home alone and I will be left alone to concentrate on the poker. It would be comforting to know she is in town supporting me, but we can’t leave our son with my parents for that long without it feeling like a big imposition on my parents’ time.

Right now I am planning on sending emails to my blogger account with updates. That way, any of my friends that want updates, can just pull up my blog. I do not plan on answering my phone while I am playing, so don’t bother calling me and asking for an update.


Fuel55 said...

Fold for the first hour - learn the other players and calm down. then play.

#1 Stalker said...

You realise the final table will be in November, right? Not that it matters work-wise if you get that far ;-)

Poker Bully said...

#1, so do you think I should make a reservation at the Rio now for November? You know just in case.