Sunday, June 15, 2008

Main Event Satellite Sunday

There are two big Main Event satellites today. I just started the Poker Stars 200 seat give away after some finagling with their deposit system. I finally got the money to the site 20 minutes before it started.

Over 8000 players for 226 seats currently. We started with 5,000 in chips and 10-20 blinds. Lots of play and if I go far, this could take forever.

Pair of 7's on button. I call a cut off raise. Flop is all under cards. I raise the raiser's cont bet. He calls. The turn is an Ace. He checks and I figure it scares him so I bet half pot, he calls. The river gives me a straight. He checks, and I bet 1000. He folds. Now up to 6000.

I had a gutshot straight draw on turn with 4 others in the pot. I called 120 and missed. The river completed a flush draw. Everyone checked to me on button and I decided to bluff at it for 350. I was called by Ace-Queen with a rivered two pair. Stack at 5685.

Ace-5 of clubs late position. I call an early limp and the blinds come along. I flop a flush draw. The initial limper leads out for 100 and I call. The blinds fold. The turn misses and we check it through. The river is an ace. I value bet 200 and get called by Jack 9. Good bet by me on the end. Stack is 6655.

Pokcet Jacks in early position. I call a 3x raise by under the gun. Two others come along. The flop is K-4-6. The initial raiser bets 150 into a 600 pot. I read as weak and raise to 450. He calls. the turn is another baby. I bet 700 and he check raises me. I fold. Down to 5100.

There is an overlay of 9 seats in the Full Tilt 150 seat guarantee. That's surprising.

I am finished in the Poker stars at 3917th place. I picked up pocket 6's in the big blind and reraised. It was enough for him to lay it down, but he decided to call with A8o. I faded the flop, but the turn and river brought Aces and I'm out.

In both tournaments for the last hour, all my continuation bets seem to be check raised. Very frustrating.

I have 6,230 out of a 5,000 starting stack in the Full Tilt. I flopped the nut straight against a loose aggro player, but could only get 1000 chips out of him. I haven't done much since. I am still shocked they did not meet their quota. I already have a better chance of winning a seat in this tournament after an hour than I did after 3 hours in the Poker Stars tournament.

I have 8440 after an hour of absolutely no cards. I am trying to keep my patience. The US Open is almost over. I hope Rocco Mediate wins. 1728 players left and I'm a little below average in chips.

AsJs in cutoff. Call a raise to 700 from early position. REally loose aggro guy calls in blind. 2400 in pot, flop is 2h-Ts-3s. Both check to me and I bet 1200. Loose blind calls and initial raiser check raises for the rest of his chips. It's 3700 more to call. I am getting 2.5-3 to 1. I figure I have to call. Loose guy folds. Opponent turns over Ks9s. I have him dominated. Turn is Td. River is 9h and he sucks out. I am down to 3000 chips.

Just reraised a button steal with As5c. He called with JTo. By some miracle my hand holds up and I am back to 6,740.

Tiger Woods is not human. He ties Rocco Mediate with a birdie on 18 and they will have a playoff tomorrow. At least now I can concentrate on the poker full time.

I am whittled down to 4698. Blinds are 200-400 with 50 ante. I pick up Ace-Ten suited and push all in. I get called in two places. Not a good sign. My opponents turn over QQ and Ace-King. Then a miracle occurs and the flop is 2s-Ah-Tc. I am now in the lead. I pick up the flush draw on the turn with a 4s. The river is a harmless 5c and I triple up to 15,000.

I picked up AA and JJ in back to back hands. I had to see a flop with both, but won each pot. I am up to 18,394. I am 326 out of 1071.

The guy on my right takes out the loose aggro crazy guy that has been calling all my preflop raises. JJ vs AQ and the Jacks hold up. Maybe I can do a little more stealing now?

I raise an early limper from the small blind with J2s. He folds. Two hands later I steal the blinds with Q9o. The blinds are 250-500 with 50 ante. I am now closing my eyes when stealing and concentrating on the music I am listening to. I don't like the stress of watching their time whittle down before they fold. I pick up 7's and raise. Scary Tiger who has me covered reraises to 4000. I reluctantly fold.

I raise Ace-Jack offsuit in cutoff to 1500. Button raises to 4000. I think about for a bit and call. Flop is K-J-6 rainbow. I lead out for 4,000 and button folds. I felt like he may be trying to steal my preflop raise since I had been active lately and laid down to a reraise the last time. The 4000 was all I was going to put into the pot if he called or raised.

The guy who sucked out with K9 against me, just went bust with KK versus Ace-King. Poor guy. ;-)

thepokerbat who is chip leader, opens in cutoff for 2400. I reraise all in for 20,744 with Ace-King of hearts in the small blind. He hollywoods for a bit and folds. My stack is up to 24,269. I am 250 out of 801.

I don't know how these online pros sit through these huge tournaments on Sundays. I would be bored out of my friggin mind!

I try to steal with 63o against the two tightest blinds and one of them reraises me. I'm down to 20,000. Blinds are 400-300. 700 players left.

Ace-King in back to back hands. I win blinds and antes both times. Back to 24k.

We are going on break and I have 22,124 in chips. Next blind level is 500-1000 with 125 ante. There are 617 left and I am right in the middle.

I raise aJo under the gun. I am reraised by Scary Tiger who is chip leader. I fold and lose 3000. Two hand later, Scary Tiger raises when I am in small blind with Ace-Jack of clubs. I reraise all in and pray he folds. He teases me a little while and lays it down.

I raise pocket tens and Scary Tiger reraises to 7600. It's push or fold time. I push and he calls fairly quickly with pocket 6's. My tens hold up and I double up to 45,000. I am briefly the chip leader at my table.

That fucker Scary Tiger reraised me again when he was in the small blind. I called with J-To. The flop misses and he bets 12k into a 17k pot and I fold like a girl. Grrrrrr. Down to 36k

I just laid down Ace-King off to a raise and reraise all in by Squirrely1 who has a vpip of 8%. Good fold???? PokerGPScom folded to the reraise.

QQ in big blind. Late position raise to 3600, I put them all in. They call with pocket 6s and the Bitches hold up. Very next hand I get pocket Kings. Same thing, a 20k stack raises to 3600 and reraise all in. The big blind calls and the initial raiser folds. He turns over JJ. Makes a straight draw on turn, but bricks out the river. I NOW HAVE 94,607 IN CHIPS AND AM CHIP LEADER BY 30K AT MY TABLE. I am 6th out of 434.

I call a 7x all in raise with Kh9h. He has K8 and I hold up. I am over 100k briefly. I lay down pocket 7's to a raise while I am in the small blind. The short stack in the big blind goes all in with TT and the initial raiser calls with pocket Kings. Whew!

I have 61 BB in my stack. I feel like I should play snug. The average chips when the 150 seats are awarded is 112,833. Maybe I should steal from other big stacks with the same idea????

Pocket 9's in middle position. I raise an early limper to 7,000. Everyone folds. Stack is 104,404.

New table. I have Full Tilt Pro Matt Sexton at my table so there is a $200 bounty if I bust him. He has 55,964 currently and he's on my right. One other stack has me covered at 114k. I have big lead on everyone else.

I raise K7o figuring no one knows me. UncleDap with 25k reraises me all in and I fold.

A2o early and I raise to 6k. The blinds have medium stacks and I figure they won't get involved. I am right and climb back above 100k for a little bit. Ace-ten on button, first in raise and blinds fold. I am currently chip leader at my table by 26,000.

Blinds are 1200-2400 with 300 ante. I have been snug the last couple of rounds. I raise Ah2h and win blinds. 96k in stack.

I raise KhQh in middle position to 7200. Vonder87 calls on button. Flop is 5h-Js-3h. I check, he bets 12,000. I raise to 30k with the flush draw and over cards. He thinks forever then folds. I am a stress puppy. 116,854 in chips.

Pocket 7's and I call a min raise in position. Flop is J-4-5 with 2 clubs. He bets 5600 into pot which seems weak. I raise to 17,000 to see where I am at. He folds. Next hand I raise KdJd to 9,000 and get called for 8,000 by short stack in BB. His pocket 8's hold. I am at 125,280 in chips.

Pocket 8's and win the blinds. I can't believe there is 7,350 in every pot preflop. That's sick. I told myself I would wait until 9:00 PM to check the status of survivors. Here we go....237 left.

Blinds up to 1700-3400 with 400 ante. 8700 in every pot now. I am 32 out of 230 with 114,030. Can you tell from my writing that I am nervous????

Ace Queen in back to back hands. First one, nisse100 has raised 3 straight hands to the minimum of 6800. I reraise to 20k and win the pot. Next hand I just call his min raise. Miss the flop but he bets 5600 and I call. Turn he bets 17k and I fold.

Pocket 3's in bb. Matt Sexton min raises and nisse100 calls. I call getting 5 to 1. the flop is 8-8-2 and nisse100 leads out for 3400 into a 20,000 pot. I raise to 18k. Matt folds and nisse100 calls. The turn is a 2. He fires a small bet again and this time I fold.

Next hand is QsJs and it's folded to me in Small blind. I steal. My stack is down to 93,000.

AKo in middle position. I raise to 10k and everyone folds. 101,430.

I have folded away to 84,330. I had AcJc in bb and Matt Sexton pushed all in for 30k. It looked desparate and I could win a $200 bounty if I bust him. I could not pull the trigger. All I need to do is win a couple of blind steals and I'm right back where I need to be. Or pick up Kings or Aces.

Matt Sexton goes out reraising AK into Queens. AZpoker72 on my left flopped quad Queens and won the $200 bounty.

Blinds are 2500-5000 with 600 ante. I try to raise T8o first hand from the break. UncleDap with over 100k reraises me and I fold. I am down to 69,530. 114 out of 193. I need a hand.

56k left in BB. Another short stack on button raises all in and I have ace-8. I talk myself into calling half my stack. I have the best hand as he turns over Q-6 offsuit. However he hits a 6 on flop and I don't improve. Down to 23,150 and in deep shit.

I push all in with K7o on button and get a fold. Whew! 181 left and I am 171.
The short stacks are trying to stall on every hand now. I hate this as all it does make the blinds go up faster for the other shorties. Speak of the devil now they are 3000-6000 with a 750 ante. I have 35,450.

KTo 3 from button. I push and get no callers. 49,700 now. This tournament is 7 hours old now.

Due to stalling the blinds are now 4000-8000 with 1000 ante. I am down to 35,200. I keep getting raises in front of me, so no chance to be first in with raise. We are at 171 left.

Pocket 9's and nisse100 raises to 16000. I reraise all in to 35000. Everyone folds including nisse100 getting over 3 to 1. Thanks I guess. A double up would be nice, but I will gladly take survival. Now 70,200 chips.

Pocket 9's again and all in for 60,200. No callers. Up to 88,200. I am 94 out of 164. Some breathing room for a while.

Folded to me in small blind and I have Ace-2 of clubs. I push 11x the blind into a big stack on the blind. I'm counting on him to not want to get involved. He folds and I am at 93,200. Blinds up to 5000-10,000 with 1,000 ante. I am 76 of 163. Time to sit and wait.

I am 82 out of 157 and it's taking forever! Sitting on 89,200. I can't believe there were 3385 runners in this thing and I am one of 155 left. I have been blinded down to 61,200, but I think I am still ok. I am 114 out of 155. I wonder how much money I would have won if this was a regular tournament?

3 more to go and I am low, but not low enough to get involved without Aces or Kings. One player at my table has 2910 left and will be all in in the next two hands just from the 2k antes. Nisse100 is taking all of his 90 seconds of time bank now. I may have to drink another beer.

Ooooohh one more and it's hand for hand. The guy at my table will be all in on this next hand. I hope the big stacks are smart enough to limp in and gang up on him.



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Congrats! Make sure you go deep enough to get some TV time.

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Awesome job! Couldn't find an email address to let you know, but I'm going to be highlighting your run over on my blog later today: