Monday, June 30, 2008

Training For The Big Day

I took a little trip to Casino Arizona to play the 5-150 Hold'em game on Friday. I wanted to put myself in some pressure situations before I get to Vegas.

Let me just say, that I hope my first table at the WSOP is as easy as this one was. The whole table was loose passive and played ABC poker after the flop. If they had a hand they bet and if they missed they checked or folded.

I won $300 in 90 minutes and I don't think I ever had to show down a hand. It helped that I picked up some good hands, but I ran an occasional bluff as well. Every move I made worked. It was definitely a nice confidence builder.

As far as the World Series, I received an email from Full Tilt regarding the free clothes they are supposed to send me. They said it usually takes 3-6 weeks for the package to arrive. That is pretty stupid as I won the tournament to get into the Main Event exactly 3 weeks before the World Series starts. They did mention that I can visit a suite at the Rio and pick up some clothes there with the Full Tilt logo, so it's not a big deal.

I did not have much luck on selling pieces of myself. My friends Mike and Allan have bought 1% each and I swapped 1% with the Blogfather himself (check out his epic blog

So I have diversified a little. I told Michele that I felt it was ok to put my $2,000 in travel funds towards the poker bankroll, since I was going to spend the money to go to the World Series, whether I qualified online or not. Surprisingly my own Father said "no" on buying 1%. More surprising was that he said he would be more inclined to buy a piece of me, if I put the whole $12,000 in play and tried to run that amount up playing online.

My next post should be from Las Vegas!

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