Sunday, June 08, 2008

Worst Performance In A Free Roll Ever

I was really looking forward to playing a lot of poker today. There were two big free rolls scheduled. The first one from Rake Break. com was for $10,000 prize pool. There were 270 entries and they were paying out the top 10%.

The second free roll was from the Battle of the Bloggers for a $2,000 World Series of Poker package. I don't know how many hundreds were signed up for this one, but only one winner made this a tournament lottery.

The Rakebreak tournament started with a good structure, however I had no luck at all. I'm dealt pocket Queens and an Ace flops. I am dealt pocket Kings and get no action. I attempt a steal, and I get called and check raised on my continuation bet. I was out of the tournament in less than a half hour.

The Battle of the Bloggers did not start for another 2 hours, so I went to Target and Costco with the wife. When I got back, my initial starting stack had been blinded down from 1500 to 900. The sucky software on Full Tilt does not let you know who is sitting out and who is playing so it was uncertain at best. I think at least 3-4 players at my table were not really there, because the two big stacks were raising every hand preflop.

After folding the first few hands, I pick up pocket Queens under the gun. I min raise, hoping for the big stacks to continue their bullying. I get my wish as one of them puts me all in. I call to find my opponent sitting on pocket Aces. My first one and done since my very first satellite for the World Series in 2006 when I went broke with Aces.

The only good news is that I had a plus 3.5 buy in session at .25-.50 NL earlier in the morning. At least I ran well somewhere.

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