Sunday, March 15, 2009

Golf Bet Debacle

Bill won the "Who Is A Better Golfer" bet for 2009 today. I am sooooo frustrated with my golf game right now.

We played at Paradise Valley Country Club today because Phoenix Country Club had a tournament in the afternoon. I like the course at PV. It has some nice elevation changes and beautiful scenery since it is tucked up against Mummy Mountain and Camelback Mountain.

Bill did not play very well today, but it didn't matter because I played worse. I had at least 3 three-putts and three balls out of bounds, including two of them on the same hole.

The frustrating part (besides losing the $500 bet and having to swallow my pride) is since I have been taking lessons from Byron at the club, I really feel like my swing is improving. I hit at least a dozen really good shots today. I hit some great drives, a couple of impressive 5 woods from the fairway, and the highlight was a 3 wood from 235 yards that ended up 10 feet from the pin.

Part of me wants to go and practice harder since I feel I am close to posting some good rounds. The other part of me wants to throw my clubs in the closet and just concentrate on Tennis and Poker for a while. The club championships in Tennis are coming up in the next couple of weeks and I think I might do well if I practice a little.

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