Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Status Update

My poker bankroll has been stuck at $5,000 for the last 4 months. The month of March ended with $5,122 which was down $15 from the end of February. This is in spite of having to pay Bill $500 from our golf bet. I consider my poker bankroll, my "gambling" bankroll so that's why the $500 came from that.

My golf handicap is still nowhere near 5. My index is 8.2. Part of the problem with my golf game is that I keep getting sucked into playing more Tennis. I am now a part of a USTA league on Wednesday nights and I am still playing as a sub for the ATA team on Saturdays. I have been more of a full timer than a sub since everyone seems to be going out of town every weekend except for me.

I have a very competitive nature. Long ago I decided to try and keep it in check by deciding that I would play golf seriously and tennis for fun. I don't have enough spare time in my life to practice both to get as good as I want to be. Lately the tennis has been tough because I have signed up for competitive leagues where I have been getting my head kicked in every match. I don't like to lose so I want to practice and get better. Where am I going to find the time? I definitely need my two year old son Jake to pick up golf or tennis soon so I can use him as an excuse to practice more.

As for poker, I think my game is improving even though my bankroll has been stagnant. The one thing I continue to struggle with online is the one big mistake I make every session. There always seems to be a hand where I get my whole stack in way behind. It's things like calling off big bets with an over pair when the board is straightening or flushing, making a 4 bet preflop with 66 because I think racing against over cards is a good idea, or making a huge value bet with a big hand only to figure out later, that the only hand that will call me is one that beats me.

It is now 3 months until the Main Event of the World Series of Poker. I will be spending some time in April figuring out how to satellite into the tournament and make some cash while doing it.

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