Thursday, April 09, 2009

1st attempt at Qualifying for WSOP 2009

I just entered a $69+6 satellite to the 150 Seat Main Event Guarantee on Full Tilt. It's a turbo tournament with 5 minute blind levels and you start with 1500 in chips. There are only 3 tables and 6 spots available.

Hey It's my lucky day. My table includes Scott Fischman, two time WSOP bracelet winner, and Svetlana Gromenkova, who won some big European tournament a while back. This sucks!

I joined in late and picked up JJ the very first hand. I raised and got two callers. An Ace flops but I bet anyway. The turn pairs the board and I am out of position so I check. The opponent checks it back. The river is a blank and I check hoping for a cheap showdown. My opponent min bets 30 and I call to see an A4o. Nice call preflop there. Down to 1190 from 1500 starting stack.

I raise AQ preflop, get called then reraised all in. I fold and watch 10-10 go against KK.

I pick up AK in blinds. There is a raise to 80 and a call. I shove for 900. The first raiser snap calls with AA and even though I pick up the inside straight draw on the flop and flush draw on the turn, I miss and I Go Home Now. I feel like I just lit $75 on fire.

Historically my first efforts at satellites have been poor and this one was no different.

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