Friday, May 22, 2009

Consistent Money Maker

I have been playing a $55 satellite to the $215 Sunday tournament on Full Tilt. They run it every night at 7:40 PM and it usually only gets 50 or so players. The players are donktastic and they have no idea on satellite strategy.

I have not been keeping track, but I believe I have been cashing in at least half of the tournaments I have played in.

It's no secret, but the main game plan in these tournaments is to accumulate chips early and then when it gets down to the bubble, tighten up. If they are giving away 10 seats and there are 12-13 players left, there is no reason to play a hand if you have a medium or large size stack. Just sit back and let the others blow themselves up.

It is also important to not let yourself get blinded down so low, that you lose your fold equity. If you are down to 8-10 Big Blinds and it is near the end, it is pretty easy to push all in in the right spots and not get called. After all, a majority of the other players are playing super tight, waiting to get their seat.

I had been meaning to write this post for a few days. Of course after I think about it, I play in a tournament last night and bust out early. I don't think it was too bad of a play since I had the second nuts. The board read 7d-9d-6s and I had 78o. The BB checked and I bet. The BB and one other player called. The turn was a 2c. It was checked around. The river was a 10h giving me a straight. The big blind led out and I just called, then the last player raised all in. The BB folded and it was up to me. It just seemed so unlikely that someone would have J-8 there. Then I thought it might be suited, that would make sense. But I have seen so many bad plays that I felt it was worth it to call. My opponent turned over the Jd8d and IGHN.

Before I got started I had fired up a game of 1-2 No Limit on Full Tilt. My very first hand in the BB I picked up pocket Aces. Middle position raises and late position reraises. I put in the 3rd raise and the initial player moves all in. The other player folds and I snap call. He has two Kings. My Aces hold up and I am immediately up $224. I believe that is the first time I have ever done that.

Unfortunately I was not enough of a Jack Ass to hit and run after one hand so I did lose some of it back. In spite of the set back in the tournament, I finished the night up $144 so it was another successful session.

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