Friday, August 13, 2004

First Poker Night at My House

I got to break in my new poker table last night. The table played nice except the chip holders are worthless. The rubber insert works well as the cards slide nicely and it has just enough give that you can do a few chip tricks on it.

I am pretty sure I was the big winner last night at $100. We were playing 3-6 hold'em and man my friends are bad players.

Chris is my friend from work who I talk poker with from time to time. He just cannot get away from a hand. There were so many times he would call to the river, and his opponet would turn over middle pair and he would muck. I know he has read a book or two on hold'em so he should have some idea on starting hands. I value bet him 3 times with top pair against flush and straight draws and not once did he have it.

Billy was smart enough to usually get out of the pot if I was in. I think he won $25

Hopefully Jeff will put together another tournament at his work training room. I think that could be a lot of fun.

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