Monday, August 09, 2004

Party Poker Multi Table

I tried a big online tournament for the first time in a long while. $30 + 3 buy in NL hold'em. 1700 players. I finished in 160th place about 30 spots from the money. I was pretty much short stacked the whole time. Somehow I saw 3 four of a kind hands in the tournament. Maybe the shuffler is broken or something.

Anyway, I don't think I made any great moves or any really bad moves. Just was very patient. I threw away low pocket pairs 3 times when there was a raise in front, because I felt I had just enough chips to be that patient instead of gambling on a coin flip at best. That may be too weak tight compared to the number of times I saw people go all in on flush draws, get called, then get bounced to the rail. Saw a couple of stupid bluffs get bounced as well. I guess these big tournaments are pretty soft. Everyone trying to strike it rich.


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