Tuesday, August 17, 2004

Frustrating times

Decided to play 4-8 at Casino AZ on a Monday last night. The table looked pretty good when I started. A few loose passive players. Right away the guy two seats to my left takes a bad beat and starts bitching and moaning and the table morale goes way down. It always amazes me that these idiots will berate a player for making a bad play. If you want to get your money back then encourage the stupid play, don't shame him into playing better!

Anyway while the table looked good, my cards did not. For the first 2 hours I think I won one hand when I had AA utg and raised. Everyone folded and all I won was the blinds. Yippee! I was down about $140 before I finally started to catch some cards. I crawled my way back all the way to even.

Then I was dealt QJ of diamonds in late position. I called and there was 4 to the flop. The flop came Q-Q-7. It was checked to me and I bet. The player on my left called and a bad player in front me came along. I was looking at the flop and trying to figure out what people had and I couldn't really come up with anything that would beat me. The turn was an Ace so now I think I might get some action. It's checked to me again and I bet. Player on left calls and in front of me calls again. Darn, no raises? The river looks harmless so the same pattern happens again and everyone calls. The player to my left turns over AQ for a full house. The player to my right mucked so I have no idea what he was chasing. At first I couldn't believe the winner didn't raise on the turn or river. Then he mentioned he wanted to other player to come along. I think he played it great because he extracted the maximum from the hand. Plus it saved me some money because I would have reraised the turn and called down the river.

Then the cards went cold again and after being down about $140 I looked around the table and all the fish had left and it was all pretty solid players. I mustered up my discipline and left the table for home. That was the one positive of the night was that I recognized that I needed to quit.

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