Sunday, May 14, 2006

1st chance at the WSOP

I just finished a $55 satellite on Party Poker to qualify for their nightly $215 satellite into the World Series Main Event. In the 55 they give away one seat for every 5 players. I started slow, but got lucky a couple of times when my pocket pairs had another stack about the same size or larger, dominated. I basically cruised into the entry for the last 30 minutes.

I will try to post hands from the $215 later tonight.

The $215 satellite offers one seat for every 55 players. There were 196 players registered so there are only 3 seats up for grabs. I never did see the payout for the remainder of the cash.

Level 1 20-40 blinds

Ok, we're off. I win my first hand when I raise on the button with KQ suited. The blinds fold. I rock!

2 off the button, I am dealt 3s 3c. Folded to me and I call 40. Everyone folds to small blind who completes and button checks. Flop is 6d, Jd, Td. Small blind checks and Big Blind bets 100. I fold.

Very next hand I have Js Td. Folded to me in middle position. I call 40. One caller behind me and Big Blind checks. Flop is 8s, 7s, 6c. BB checks, I check, and late player checks.
Turn is Kc. BB bets 200 and I fold.

I fold 2 hands then I am dealt Qd, Qh in UTG +1. I raise to 120. Everyone folds except the BB. He calls. Flop is Jc, 7s, 5c. BB checks and I bet 200 into a 260 chip pot. BB folds. I have 3100 in chips.

I have 3h 8c in BB and I check fold on flop.

I have 8s 9s in small blind and fold to a preflop raise. He was the only one in the pot. Maybe I should have played it but the flop was 7h, 4s, 2h so I would not have hit anything anyway.

I fold my button and then I am moved to a different table.

First hand at new table and I am dealt 7d 7s in middle position. There is a raise to 80 by the player in front of me (this is the min raise). I call. One more caller behind me and both the blinds call. 5 players in the pot for 400. Flop is 8c, 4h, Jd. Three players check to me. There is only one player behind me. The player in front of me who raised preflop has checked this ragged flop. I decide to see if I can take it down or at least winnow the field. I bet 300.

The BB calls the 300. The turn is Kd. Now there are 3 overcards on the board and I don't think my opponent is on a draw of any kind, so he probably has a Jack or an 8. He checks and I check. The river is the Ks. The big blind goes all in for 830. There is 1830 in the pot and 830 to call. It' s not worth getting crippled on this long shot yet. I fold. I am down to 2660 in chips.

We are now at level 2 with 30-60 blinds.

I fold 3 hands, and then I am in the big blind with 7h 6c. Two limpers and the small blind completes. I check. The flop is Qc, Kd, Ad. No chance for me here.

I have 3h 3c in the small blind. Two limpers, I complete and BB checks. The flop is 4c, 2d, Js. Missed again. I check fold.

I am on the button and am dealt Qd 9h. The table seems pretty tight. It's folded to me on the button so I raise to 120. Both blinds fold. My stack is now at 2630.

I fold 4 hands in a row and then I am dealt 4h 4c in UTG + 3. One caller in front of me, and I call. The cutoff calls and both blinds complete. Flop is Jd, 8d, Td. Another check fold.

I fold another hand and I am moved to another table. I am at 2570 in chips.

I fold 6 hands in a row.

It's now level 3 with blinds at 50-100.

I am dealt Ad Qd in the big blind. UTG min raises to 200. It's folded to small blind who calls and I call. Flop is 7c, 5c, 6c. Small blind leads out for 100. I fold. Eventually the other two players get it all in. UTG had raised with Jd Kc. Small Blind had called with Ac, Ts. They both played the hell out of their flush draws and the last club hit on the river. Should I have reraised preflop? In hindsight, I would have had to win it preflop, because they would have called a reasonable bet on the flop and I would not have led out again on the turn.

I fold 11 hands in a row! Mostly horrible cards. A couple playable hands but there was a raise in front of me, so I mucked them.

On the button I am dealt Jh Ts. One limper and I call. Both Blinds come along for a flop of 2s, 5c, Qh. Missed again. The limper in front of me bets 100 into a 400 pot. He has 1800 behind. The blinds both have me covered by 2-1. I play tight and fold. Should I raise here with nothing into 4 players?

Next hand I get Ks Jh. There is an early position raise so I fold.

Now we're at Level 4. 100-200 blinds. I have 2070 in chips. I am the short stack at the table. The biggest stack is 17,148. There are 3 others in the 2000's and 4 players in the 4000's.

I fold 11 hands in a row again.

I am dealt Ad Qc at UTG + 2. I am all in for 1770. Everyone folds so I pick up 300.

We are now at Level 5 with 150-300 blinds. I have 1620 in chips so it's getting desperate.

I fold 4 hands. I am dealt Ac Kd on the button. I am starting with 1620 in chips. It's folded to me. I raise all in and the blinds fold. Back up to 2070 chips again.

I fold one hand. The next hand is Ah 9c. I am 2 from the button. It's folded to me again. I raise all in to 2070 and pick up the blinds. I am now at 2520.

I get Ac 7c the next hand. It's folded to me again. I decide not to push in this time since it would be the 3rd time in 4 hands. I fold. The button raises to 750 and the BB called. The flop was 8s, 8c, 7h. The BB led out for 525 and the button folded. Maybe my hand was good, I don't know.

I fold 11 hands in a row again. 3 off the button I am dealt 7s 7h. It's folded to me and I raise all in for 2070. Everyone folds again and I pick up 450 in blinds. I am really starting to wish I could get called just I can have a chance to double up.

I fold one hand.

The level changes to Level 6 and blinds are now 200-400. I have 2520 in chips.

The next hand is Kh Th in UTG + 1. Ok I am two hands from eating 600 in blinds. It's time to get lucky. I push. I get an all in behind me for 3900 and another all in for 2799. This is not good.

One player has KK and the other has AK. Neither of them has a heart and the flop of Qh, 4h, 6s gives me a brief glimmer of hope. But the turn and river are non hearts and I am out in 99th place.

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