Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Another lost month

So my poker bankroll is now down to 2992. It hasn't been this low since June of 05. It was only a $400 loss for the month versus the $1000 and $900 loss the previous two months, but it still sucks.

I made a $300 deposit into Absolute poker to do some bonus whoring. The more I play, the more I realize that it might take a million years to work off this $300. I think I get around $10 for every 1000 raked hands I play. Luckily I signed up with a rake back affiliate, so I get to play at a little discount.

The software at Absolute is not the greatest. I found a color scheme that I can deal with. There is not a great selection of games. They seem to max out around 15,000 players, so I don't think there is a chance for me to 3 and 4 table the low limit games. Plus I have not run into a lot of fish at those levels either.

I lost what was left in my Full Tilt account by playing ill advised No Limit ring games again. I feel like my game is getting better, however I get bored very easily. I want to keep my play to one or two tables to try and get a read on the players. The problem is you never see a showdown in No Limit, so it's hard to get comfortable with what hands my opponents are playing and how they are playing them.

My goal this month is to do my research and pick two sites where I will try to win my World Series seat. My bankroll is not where it needs to be, but let's face it, I am having a new baby in November and my poker play will probably be curtailed considerably in 2007. This may be my last shot for a few years.

I am looking for a site that will let me satellite into their bigger tournaments and use those satellite tokens on any tournament I want. It does me no good to play a tournament to win an entry to another tournament right after, when I can't be there for 10 hours at a time. I think the winners are going to be Full Tilt and Poker Stars, but I need to be sure.

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Rory Cartwright said...

nice blog,

I reckon your best bet for winning a seat has gotta be Stars. Didn't they buy up almost half the seats last year?