Monday, May 29, 2006

It's a Lucky Holiday

I played golf this morning with the normal gang down at the Country Club. I shot my usual 82 with a terrible front 9 and a pretty good back 9. I had two really lucky shots on the back nine that should have gone in the water, but somehow stayed up on the embankment instead of rolling into the lake. This was an omen.

After coming home and resting for a bit, I decided to fire up the computer for some poker. Somehow I won both of the $55 sit n go's I played by getting lucky a few times in each game to suck out.

Now I am about to qualify for another WSOP satellite. I ran up a huge stack when my JJ rivered a straight to beat two Kings. Then I had KK and won and then AA and won in 3 successive hands. I went from out of the tournament to chip leader in 3 hands!

I'll be back to post more on the bigger tournament.

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