Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Rollin' Up A Stake And Going To Vegas

This weekend is the big Blogger Fest 2006 in Vegas. Originally I was planning on going to Vegas with my friends, Rob, Carlo, Jon,Bill, and Marty. All of them look like they are dropping out. So I may be flying solo.

Right now my plan is to roll in Friday night and try and make a score at the Mega Satellite at the Rio into the Main Event. It's $1060 to enter and they give away a seat for every 10k in the prize pool. The more players the better as this caters to my strengths of playing tight and surviving. I think the one table satellites would be tougher because I am not as strong a player short handed and heads up. I really, really, really want to qualify and tell Rob and Bill that I do not need their backing to get in to the Main Event and that I will keep any profits I make. Hahahahaha.

Saturday morning will be the Blogger tournament at Caesers Palace. I just got word that Howard Lederer and Phil Gordon are supposed to give us a little speech before the tournament so that will be cool. Plus InterPoker is giving all of us free shirts and adding some cash to the prize pool. We are starting with 4000 in chips and have 40 minute levels. I may be there all day.

I read an interesting post on 2+2 regarding the hand history of one of the qualifiers for the main event on Party Poker here
I have played in a few of these $215 and it confirms that the play is soft. I did not learn too much from his hands other than this:
1. Play extremely tight. I don't think he called a raise preflop with anything less than QQ
2. Catch cards at the right time. He went on a mad rush with about 30 players left where he doubled up about 3 x.
3. Win your races.

Number 3 is what is so annoying to me about tournaments. If you play super tight, solid poker eventually you will need to win at least 3 all ins where you are a slight favorite or slight underdog. This is the only way to double and triple up when you really need it. If you play loose aggressive, sometimes you can chip up without a lot of risk and only play for all your chips as a big favorite. Even then, you occasionally get sucked out on, but at least you still have chips.

Satellites are a little different though because you are only rewarded for surviving, not winning. If you have 20x the big blind left when you qualify in a satellite, you may have taken too much risk getting there because you have so many chips.

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