Wednesday, July 12, 2006

A Shout Out To The Bloggers

I have to apologize to anyone I met at the Blogger Gathering in Vegas last weekend. My brain was fried from playing in the WSOP satellite the night before and I had a horrible time remembering names.

I played in the tournament, but only played just past the first break. Jules from Austraila on my left was making me her bitch and already taken half my stack. When I came back from break, it was all in or fold time. A few hands in, I had As9s in the small blind. I saw 4-5 limpers and no one showed any strength. I figured I would take a chance and shove it all in and hopefully have everyone fold. If somebody did call, I would probably still have my Ace outs. Well the player I really needed to fold, was the utg player (can't remember her name) She thought about it for a little while and then gambled by moving all in with 99. That was about the worst hand I wanted to see right behind AA. So I was out.

I love Caeser's poker room, but they were having some issues on Saturday. Between our 100+ tournament and their regular tournament, there were no dealers left for the cash games. I wanted to stick around and play with the bloggers, but for some reason I did not feel like waiting an hour to get in a game. I made a really stupid decision and left looking for a open seat. Not only did the Flamingo 1-2 NL game take my buy in, but I missed out on a chance to hang out with some really fun people.

For any of those that I met and who stumble across my blog, I would be more than happy to let you link my blog to yours and vice versa. Just let me know.

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Miami Don said...

Pleasure playing with you Larry and yes that Jules is one tough player.

I did send her to the rail for you though.