Sunday, July 16, 2006

Wait 'til Next Year!

My last gasp effort to win my seat into the Main Event has come up short. After numerous efforts to satellite into the Full Tilt 100 seat guarantee and the Poker Stars 150, I had to cough up the dough to play in the Poker Stars one.

There was an amazing 7700 players and 236 seats up for grabs. I started with 2500 and through 3 hours of play I was never above 5000. Not much exciting happened and went out with Ace-King vs AA and QQ.

I am going to try and take two weeks off from all poker related activities. I will try not to read any blogs, poker books, or websites related to poker. I won't be playing any hands either. It will probably end if and when I decide to buy the final table on pay per view.

In the mean time I will try and work on my golf game and start transitioning my Dad's clients at work, since he is retiring at year end.

I have approximately 1500 left in the bankroll. When I come back I am going to try and master No Limit cash games and Omaha Hi-Lo. I am going to use a tip I learned from Chris "Jesus" Ferguson about bankroll management. Never put more than 5% of your bankroll on the table. Use the 5% number as a guideline to decide if you are ready to move up. Chris has run $1 up to $10,000 using that method. I have a head start, but I plan on doing the same.

Overall, I feel good about the effort I put into qualifying. My net loss on qualifying tournaments was $1,531. Obviously the close call on Party Poker where I won $1,360 helped a lot. I played in 54 WSOP related satellites over the last 2 months. I had two really close calls and even traveled to Las Vegas to play in a live satellite where I finished 7th (4 out of a seat).

Next year will be interesting because Michele and I are expecting our first baby boy in November. All of my friends think that this year was my last chance to go, but I think Michele is understanding enough, that if I qualified, we would find a way to make it work. I guess I'll find out next year.

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