Wednesday, July 09, 2008

The Dream Dies

At 1:15 pm I was eliminated from the tournament.

I started with 14,000 and lost 6,000 when I reraise with 66. Someone called the raise from the blind and initial raise folded.

The flop was K-5-3 and he put me all in. I couldn't think of a hand he would call my raise with before the flop that I was ahead of after the flop. He probably has ace king so I folded.

I won a couple of hands when I raised all in preflop.

The last hand I was in late position. There was a raise to 1600 in front. I reraised to 5000 and he reraised me all in. I had ace-king and my opponent had Jacks. My hand did not improve and I was out.

It was a lotta fun and now my next goal is to cash in the wsop 2009.


#1 Stalker said...

Those are the breaks, kid. Gotta win those flips. Get back on the horse, and keep blogging!!

SirFWALGMan said...

lol @ comment on my Blog.