Friday, July 23, 2004

On the Bubble

I posted a question on the 2+2 poker message board about my strategies on the tournaments and basically I was told to slow down and only steal with decent cards.  So to practice I have played in a couple of 3 table sit-n-go's on Party Poker.  I have busted out on the final table twice just before finishing in the money.

Last night I was just above average in chips with 9 players left.  I was dealt AA late position.  I think I just doubled the blind which was 200 at the time.  The chip leader called on the button, and the first player who was utg raised all in.  I had him covered by about 1000 so I just called hoping to get the chip leader in the pot as well.

The flop came out rags and I moved all in.  The chip leader folded and left it to me and utg.  UTG turns over 7-6?????  I think he had paired the 6 on the flop and then bang the 7 hit on the river.  Now I am crippled to about 6 times the big blind left.

I pick up a couple of blinds but I am still about 6 th place in chips at the 9 person table and the blinds are getting expensive.

I am dealt QJ under the gun.  I want to play this hand because now there are just 7 players.  I think the blind was still 100-200.  I had about 1200 in chips left.  If I wait, I am facing 300 in blinds in the next two hands which leaves me with 900.  Enough to survive for a little while but I am not too comfortable with that.  If I raise to 600 , I still have chips left but not enough to scare anyone.  Plus I think what I really want is the blinds.  So I talk myself into raising all in.  Everyone folds until the big blind who seems to be thinking about calling.  He types in an expletive in the chat.  Uh oh, that must mean he has two high cards.  BB was sitting on around 3000 in chips so it would hurt if he lost.

He calls with KQ and I am crippled.  No one pairs anything and he wins the pot and I finish in 7th.

Post analysis.  What the fuck was I doing.  QJ in early position sucks.  Muck it.  It was not even suited.  Wait for the good cards and don't go crazy.  I keep taking unneccessary risks late in these tournaments.  I think the best strategy seems to be survival and quit taking shots at pots after the flop when nobody bets at them.  It doesn't seem to be worth it.

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enjoying your blog and am gonna be pimping you in my next post. keep up the fine work. :)