Monday, July 12, 2004

One Table Sit n Go's

I didn't have time to get to the brick and mortar casinos over the weekend so I concentrated on the internet and Party Poker. I was down close to $200 over the weekend so I guess the big winning streak is over. My main loss was playing 5-10 online. I played well, I just lost a couple of big hands on the river and could not recover.

Mostly I played the one table sit n gos. I wanted to play the 3 table sit-n-gos but for some reason Party Poker was not running them.

My main strategy in the sit & gos was blind stealing. I wanted to try and steal 1-2 blinds per rotation. I would wait until I was the first one in the pot and I would usually raise 3 times the big blind. I was surprised how well it worked. It seemed like 1/2 the time I won the blinds without a fight, 25% I would have to lead out on the flop after someone called me and then I would win. The other 25%, someone would come over the top of me and I would fold or the would stay in the hand after a flop bet and I would have to hope to get lucky. I noticed it was especially effective if I won a big hand early and was the chip leader.

Naturally as the blinds went up, I would have to change gears and get a little more conservative, as one bad mistake and you were basically crippled. I still haven't had the guts to try the all in bet after a couple of limpers. I saw that a few times and it is effective, but it only has to not work one time for you to be knocked out.

My first two tournaments on the weekend were frustrating because I was doing very well, until I would put someone all in and they would catch the flush or straight on the river. After I got that out of the way, I pretty much finished in the money in the next few and won my last one. I got lucky in the last one heads up when I went all in the steal the blinds and he called. I only had A-2 and he had K-Q. Somehow the board gave me the straight on the river against his two pair. I almost felt bad about it. Oh well.

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