Monday, July 19, 2004

Tucson Golf Bender Bash

It was time for the 5th annual Tucson Golf Bender Bash last weekend.  What was once a small weekend get away for 8 people has turned into a 36 person drunken party.  I was excited to play Vistoso just outside of Tucson and I was excited to play poker against some of my buddies.
We hadn't had a home game in quite a while so I thought we would have  a lot of interest.  Unfortunately I don't understand how these guys have no problem playing 3-6 at the indian casinos but then want to play 1-2 with each other.  What are they afraid of?
Anyways when it came to poker I did very well.  I won $14 the first night at 1-2 and then $60 when we moved it up to 2-4 the second night. 

It will be interesting if I ever get to the point where I play against the same guys often enough to know my game.  My friends all see me as a very tight player who only plays good cards.  They are all wary every time I am in the pot.  Sometimes I use this to my advantage, but one of these days it will be fun to just play wild and loose in the small stakes game just to throw them off.

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