Monday, March 28, 2005

Best Online Weekend Ever

Here were my stats according to Poker Tracker on Saturday and Sunday:

Hands: 748
Limit: $2-$4
Amount Won: $488.59
BB/100 hands 16.33

Unbelievable. I was playing my normal game. My preflop raise % was 8 which is a little higher than normal but that's fine since I got a lot of good hands preflop. I was playing 2-3 tables at a time strictly trying to get across my bonus for Party Poker. That has turned into a lot harder than I thought. I thought 7 raked hands per $1 of bonus would be easy, but they only gave 5-6 days to do it. I have to put in a few hours in the next couple of days. Of course I am not nearly as concerned about it now after winning over $600 since I put the money in.

If it wasn't for U of A losing to Illinois is disgustingly awful fashion on Saturday night it could have been one of the best weekends ever.

I have also finally figured out the Player View software and downloaded a skin from another site. Now I have the out odds right on my table and I can track all the players I am playing against in real time. This is really valuable when multi tabling. Party Poker is so big, that I never seem to run into the same player twice. Now I can track them as I play, so even if I don't see them show any crazy hands down, I know how often they enter the pot, how often they raise, and how often they stay in until the showdown.

Here's a quick frustration: You sit down at a table and immediately you see a player make a crazy stupid play and lose a nice chunk of money. You make a note and start looking for a chance to take the rest of his money. Within 5 hands, he leaves the table. One guy I even followed to another table. He played 5 more hands and then quit all together. I wonder if he noticed that I followed him?


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