Wednesday, March 02, 2005

Could I Ever Fold KK Preflop?

I forgot an interesting hand I had in Reno.

I was in the 9 seat and a very passive player was in the 1 seat. Earlier I had seen a hand where it was raised to him preflop and he called the raise. He ended up winning the hand because he had King-King in his hand for a high pair. I made a note to myself that if he is not willing to reraise preflop with KK, then only hand he would ever reraise with is AA.

About 20 minutes go by and I am in middle position. I get a couple of calls and then I raise. My opponent is on the button and he reraises me. ????? The other two limpers fold and it's to me. My first instinct is to fold. Would he reraise with Ace King? I call the raise since my odds are good enough anyways. (There were 2+2 for blinds, two limpers, my raise, and his reraise so 2+2+2+2+6+10=24 in the pot and $4 for me to call. That's 6-1 and I am a 4-1 underdog in my worst case scenario.

The flop was 10-5-5 all spades. I had the King of spades. Alright this looks like a pretty good flop. I bet out to find out where I am. He raises me of course and I just call so now there is $28+4+8+4 = $44 in the pot. Guess what comes on the Turn. That's right, the Ace of spades. By now I am drunk with power as I have the nut flush. Paired board be damned. I check, he bets, I raise, he reraises. Now I know I am beat but the pot's too big to fold. I call and check call on the meaningless river. He has the Aces for Aces full of Fives.

Another good read gone to shit because I had ready a long discussion about never folding KK before the flop on 2+2. I guess I played the hand correctly until the turn. After the reraise I really should have just thrown it away.


The Mystic Dragon said...

T55 all spades huh? That game might be rigged. lol

Poker Bully said...

oops. I guess I should take better notes in live games. Right now I don't take any at all.

Here's what I think happened now:
Flop was all spades and undercards. Turn paired the board. Ace of Spades hit on the river.

Whatever happened, my read was right and I probably could have saved my self some money.

Anonymous said...

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