Thursday, March 24, 2005

Bonus Whoring

I cleared the 20% bonus on PokerStars last night after approx 1200 hands. They have this little trick in that they don't award you a player point unless the rake gets over a certain amount. I haven't investigated but it seems like Poker Stars charges less rake than Party Poker. That's why 600 bonus points took 1200 hands.

I won $80 in addition to the $120 from the bonus over that run. I immediately cashed out $600 to move to Party Poker to take advantage of their 20% bonus. Now I have to play 1400 raked hands in the next few days to get that bonus.

Here's where I stand online: $308 in Poker Stars, $1,141 in Party Poker, and $124 in pending bonus. That's $1,573. Since November of 2003 when I started with online poker, I have deposited at the most $300. I have withdrawn at least $1,500 for the golf clubs I bought last year, transfers to friends online, and a trip to Vegas. That works out to about $2,700 in a year and a half. That is a hell of lot better than I ever did on my old sports betting addiction errr hobby.

After I clear this bonus, I will focus on trying to win a seat at the World Series.

I am also planning on playing in the Friday afternoon poker tournament at Casino Arizona because I have the day off. Let's see if my tournament game has got any better.


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