Wednesday, March 16, 2005

What Is The Best Way To Make The WSOP?

First a general update.

I have been slowly and steadily building up the bank roll. I have $1100 at Party Poker, just over $100 at Poker Stars, $365 in cash, plus another $1,000 in cash that I added because I had the money to spare. That adds up to just over $2500.

I had been playing a lot of the $22 one table tournaments and doing very well. I have also been 2 tabling 2-4 games at Party Poker. I have moved back up to the 3-6 games the last couple of days and had winning sessions both times. I tried to play 2 of the $33 one table tournaments and it was very different. Both tables were extremely tight and conservative. By level 5 (100-200 blinds) we still had 7 players left! I posted this on 2+2 and the responses seem to be that I just caught a couple of tight tables and that is far from the norm.

Poker Stars is offerring a nice deposit bonus and all kinds of satellites to win an entry into the WSOP. I have heard good things about their site and it has run ok the limited times I have played there. I am just worried that games will not be as soft as party poker. In order for me to clear a large bonus, I would have to switch all my play there for a while. I am still holding out hope that Party Poker will announce some satellites as well. Maybe I will write them an email to find out what their plans are.

Do any of my handful of readers/lurkers have any advice for me?


TexTiger said...

I think the $650 on PS is going to give the best shot on a number of seats/competition basis. Satelliting in to the $650 can be done a number of ways. Looking at your post though, do you have much experience in MTT? If not, then I would try going the Double Shootout route as single table play may suit your play style better. There is a enough difference between MTT an STT that it can be a little overwhelming, and in the satellites people tend to play much tighter.

Dr. Pauly said...

I think Stars is the way to go...

Anonymous said...

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